Quotation1.png Outworld? Netherealm? Interesting..I didn't know there are more realms in his world...I thought it was only Magic Realm where my ancestor's parents locked. Quotation2.png
Callisto to Willow

Callisto Alnazar is the descendant of Asra Alnazar from the dating simulator game called The Arcana: Mystic Romance. She is one of the famous fortune tellers, she is also used to be Apollo's master and a current master of Willow Cloud.



Callisto is much like her ancestor, a wanderlust fortune teller that is filler with curiosity around her and wanted to know what wonders lies in the world to satisfy her want of learning. She is also very loyal to her friends like how she supported Apollo's success in his Fortune Telling path.

She is also fond of teasing others but not harshly, because she loves to play around sometimes not just being divine and sometimes she can serious if needed.


Much like her ancestor, she had a silver white short hair, a red and purple color and a golden brown skin.

She wore a beige long sleeved top that sleeves are folded and red lining it also matches with gold and lavender vest,a golden brown skirt that is layered with various patterned cloth that is secured with teal belt and a wine red short boots.

Callisto has a nose piercings, a golden bracelet and some white anklets.



Asra fallen in love with his apprentice then later they both married and had children together, as time flies his descendants kept extended the Alnazar bloodline and one of them is Callisto, she was raised by her parents which are both fortune tellers, they thought her every teachings that Asra did to his children back then which is why she began to influenced by it.


Callisto was very motherly on both Pythia and Apollo , she always concern about them every time especially when Apollo become a fortune teller himself. Besides them, she is close to Willow even she is just her apprentice.


She had a snake named Azura, which she reminded of Faust, her ancestor's snake who seems friendly and can barely speak.


Callisto disliked Peter's presence because she knew that she is not the good guy he is.


Callisto was currently single and has no interest developing romantic relationship .


  • Callisto was named after a nymph who is the daughter of Lycoan, the king of Arcadia.
  • She has a eye condition called heterochromia iridum which makes her eye color different than the other.
  • Callisto once visited Willow's tribe.

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