Candy Shokora
[[File:Candy Shokora|210px|]]
Gaming Series of Origins Wario Land series
Gaming Parentage Princess Shokora
Age 15 year old
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate Vacant
Victorious Moments Be back in my original form after be saved by the next Wario.
Knock Out! Moments be traformed into a hideous princess or baby after be saved by the next Wario.
Favored School Subject Herology 101 and Magicology
Least Favored School Subject Gym
Allies Everyone from the Wario Land series.
Nemeses Honey T. Syrup
Favorite Food Chocolate


She's is a beautiful friendly woman, she love to help everyone and have a great smile on her face, she do have a little bit of vanity but she is also a wonderful kind girl. She's doesn't like when people fight, she also love eating chocolate and drink chocolate milk.

Physical DescriptionEdit

She wore a pink pants and tubeshirt like her mother, she had pink heels on her feet she have a golden crown and red heairs like her mother too.



She's the daughter of Princess Shokora, she love her mother and also have a little brother who is not at game high yet.


She is friends with all of the future wario Land characters, she's specialy more friend with Warius Bros because she found him funny, and love him more then just friends.


She don't like Honey T. Syrup she think she's not nice at all


She have a little brown dog named Chocolate cake.


She had a crush on Warius, because she know he go to be the one to save her when she go to be cursed.

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