Carmenella Sandiego
Carmella SanDiego
Gaming Series of Origins Where In the world is Carmen Sandiego
Gaming Parentage Carmen Sandiego
Age 15 year old
Alignment Antagonist
Roommate Terramisu
Victorious Moments Being a a thief is my vocation, but is not mean i am like my mother, because i am not so evil.
Knock Out! Moments Being arrested is my worst thing because i do not like to end up in Jail.
Favored School Subject Quoteology 101
Least Favored School Subject Antagonist 101
Allies Maddie Schmidt and Jeanne Fitzgerald are my friends.
Nemeses Well i think Roxy Cage, is my arch Nemesis.
Favorite Food Veggie Burfer.


She's having a big heart, she do not want to be an antagonist like her mother, she want to be a good person, same if some antagonists will desagree, but she want to help somebody in need. But the only problem, is her victims will be pick pocketed, same if she doesn't really want to be a thief.

Physical DescriptionEdit

She have brown eyes and brown hairs, she also have olive skin and wear a red suit with red pants, she also have a red hat and brown shoes on her feet.



She's one of the child of Carmen Sandiego, she also have brothers and sisters, she do care about her family she do not know why actually.


Maddie Schimdt and Jeanne Fitzgerald are her friends, they know each other since their childhood. she doesn't want anyone to bullied them.


Well she doesn't see to like Roxy Cage.


She does have a crush on Bent Tortoise, the feeling is mutual, but the problem is that's he's a protagonist and she is a antagonist, she can't be with him, but something will maybe change her way.

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