Cassandra Davis
Cassandra Davis
Gaming Series of Origins GTA V
Gaming Parentage Lamar Davis
Age 19 year old
Alignment Half Protagonist and Antagonist
Roommate Lucas Black
Victorious Moments Have my meake up and all my book on my side
Knock Out! Moments Be unprepared and not clothing well and my hair in mess will be the wse thing that happen to me.
Favored School Subject Drama and Weponology
Least Favored School Subject Dunno
Allies Maddie Schmith and Candy Shokora are my friends.
Nemeses All mean girls are my enemies.
Favorite Food Fruit yaourt.


Like her father she's really friendly,she's nice, but she acting like violent sometime.

Physical DescriptionEdit

She had dark skin and brown eyes, she long dark hairs like other, compare to her father she had a blue shirt with a green skirts and pink heels on her feet.



She's the oldest child of Lamar Davis, she had a twin brother named Castor.


She is friends with Maddie Schimdt and Candy Shokora


All mean girls who bullying her.


She had a crush and actually dating Florian Scout.

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