Quotation1 How about to kick you butt! Quotation2
Cassia to Mara
Cassia Jane Redfield
Gaming Series of Origins Resident Evil series(Well Jill's last appearance is in:Resident EVil 5)
Gaming Parentage Jill Valentine is my mom,shea formely a BSAA Operative after being brainwashed by MR Ironic guy(Wesker) and the Chris Redfield aka the Captain Bearfield..Nah just kidding..
Age 18..
Pet(s) I owned a cat named Pancakes..She is so fluffy!
Alignment Protagonist..Hack yeah!!
Roommate Sally Birkin...She's awsome but she just hiding something!
Victorious Moments As a Sister, I love to spend time with Dirk,So as Rufio.I love hanging out with my besties!
Knock Out! Moments I hate liars! They are the real stinkers here!
Favored School Subject I like Protagonist 101..
Least Favored School Subject I really hate History..TBH! It's hard to memorize some past games..But At least I try my best!
Allies Marcy Nivans ans Sally was my bffs,Also Roxy but she is so strange to Finn!
Nemeses It Depends on a person!
Favorite Food I love foods that has light calorie content!
Favorite Beverage I want Cola Zero

 Cassia Jane Redfield or Cassy was the daugher of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine.Cassy was currently a College Student at the University of Games with Jean .


Chloe Grace Moretz Cannes 2014 3
Cassy's voice actor is Chloe Grace Moertz her known potrayals is Carrie White in the movie called Carrie,Kick-a** 2 as Hit girl and  Cassie Sullivan in the upcoming movie called Fifth wave..


Cassy was very dramatic,tough and bave,also a loving and caring daughter.

Appearance Edit

Cassy was a quiet busty woman, her sex appeal gotten by her mother. Cassia has a brown hair, a pair of Blue eyes and a fair skin,,

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Cassy was the first born of Chris and Jill,she has a younger brother named Dirk Redfield

Friends Edit

Cassy's confident and popularity attracted the whole school so Cassy has many friends.Cassy has bestfriends named Roxy,Marceline and her former enemy..

Enemies Edit

She had an Arch-Nemesis, which is the daughter o Albert Wesker named Mara Wesker

Romance Edit

She recently kissed Jean Nivans,Piers' nephew..Jean loved her like his only queen..


  • Cassia's name means 'cinamon' and Jane means'God is gracious"
  • Her Alternate Universe Version, She will be the Protagonist of the Fault in Our Stars AU alongside of Rufio
  • Her Body is simmilar to Hestia
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