August 20Edit

6 amEdit

I was at my dorm...Doing cleaning -_-..She still sleeping at her bed and she doesnt like to clean,I am a tomboy but I am a neat person,I wish Sally is not my roomate I prefer Marcy,she's a very neat person and I like her..Well I hate my break fast today..Some Oily breakfast..EEW I hate Oily foods..

10 amEdit

I was at Mr Birkin's lab..He's lessons was so boring sometimes I said"Oh man Lame" in my mind only :D so he will caught me and punish me at the detention..I am with Marcy,having a study at the park, Marcy and I we're studying while listening  musics.It was very fun... :D.


I saw the bulletin board that there was a play called 'Peter Pan' at August 30,6 pm in the Gametirium..Well this is good..MMMMM..I hope Sherry was not my makeup artist..I dont like just no -_-..I will enter this play as Tinkerbell..Yay!I am really exicted.T

August 29Edit

Coming Sooon

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