Catherine Simmon's is the daughter of Derek Simmons who is the head of the Family.

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Catherine was rumored to be snobbish due to being quiet in every class, she is also been rumored as a spoiled being..But those rumors aren't true because Catherine is actually a gentle girl but she is afraid to showed it due to her fear of someone using her for her fortune..

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Derek and Catherine used to have a close relationship but Catherine's mother divorce caused to their relationship started to get complicated, he started to force her into things that she didn't want like her Forced Marriage to Carla"s Son...

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Catherine has a Persian cat which she consider her one and only roommate.

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Catherine was forced to marry Carla's Son which she didn't like it at all and she felt like a Damsel in Distress. She hoped that she find someone to save her from the hell she suffered

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  • Catherine's Favorite Flowers are Dahlia
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