Quotation1 In the name of all things great, I shall punish you!! Quotation2
Celebes' tagline.
"The Dagger of Justice" Celebes! Except not yet the "dagger"....
Gaming Series of Origins UNDERTALE
Gaming Parentage Undyne isn't actually a parent! She's more like my mentor who trains me in combat and cooking.
Age um
Alignment I'm probably a tritagonist, or whatever comes after that.
Roommate Unknown
Victorious Moments I can come up with some pretty good catchphrases! Although, whenever I share them, people just turn their heads away???
Knock Out! Moments I guess I'm pretty loud and impulsive. I tend to dive into problems headfirst, which isn't a very smart thing to do..
Favored School Subject It's either Quoteology or Herology.
Least Favored School Subject Science
Allies tBa
Nemeses tBa
Favorite Food Fried ramen with spicy mayonnaise; it's a little thing Dr. A. and I came up with!
"The Dagger of Justice" Celebes is the headstrong yet slightly impulsive fish-like humanoid. She is probably the daughter of some fish monster somewhere from Waterfall... but as of now, she is the successor of Undyne from the indie game UNDERTALE. Because of that, she trains with Undyne to be somewhat like her.

She is an original character of Pippy McScissors.



Celebes is described as a headstrong girl with a slightly impulsive way of jumping into problems. At first glance, she seems somewhat mean, but she's actually quite the opposite! She's pretty sweet once you get to know her, but she's also very loud at times. 

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