Ceph Takowasa
Gaming Series of Origins Splatoon.
Gaming Parentage The one and only DJ Octavio.
Age ... I’m over 14, I'll tell you that much.
Pet(s) I don’t have one.
Alignment Antagonist.
Roommate Kaolin. Very quiet, but at least she knows how to mind her own business.
Victorious Moments I enjoy doing calligraphy every now and then.
Knock Out! Moments Really, I’m not interested in becoming a DJ. I prefer classical to electronic music. But yes, I am going to fight Agent 3... Or whatever number Agent they’ll be by then. Really, I don’t care what number they are, I’m still going to fight them.
Favored School Subject Band. It’s right up my alley.
Least Favored School Subject Glitch 101. What’s the point of that one, again?
Allies The Prince does not need friends.
Nemeses Well, for starters, there's the Salt Princess, even if she's not much more than a nuisance at the moment.
Favorite Food Sausage? I’m not really sure.
Favorite Beverage Lemon tea.





Octavio and his son seem to get along well enough. They don’t talk very often (the DJ has his duties to tend to), and often have mild disagreements (mostly concerning their music), but seem to have a rather solid relationship. He is an only child, and did not have a mother, thanks to how his kind reproduces (by cutting off a tentacle and letting it grow, if you must know). And yes, that means he is something of a genetic clone of his father. He doesn't mind, though. If anything, he thinks it would be odd to not be such.


Ceph is somewhat of a loner. Thus far, he's only warmed up to Kaolin, and even then, he's not quite keen on admitting that. She's got a nice voice, at least...


He has hit on Kaolin before, but she seems to be oblivious to any of his advancements. Oh well.


The king-to-be often has disagreements with the rest of the student body-mostly due to his stubborn and somewhat stuck-up attitude-and seems to have gained himself a rival. She wants to fight him, and Ceph finds this annoying. She's the kid of one of those Slime Sisters, right? For the love of cod, she's not even supposed to be physically around during the boss battle!



  • The name Ceph is shortened from Cephalopod,the group of animals octopi belong to, as well as sounding a bit like the name Seth, and Takowasa is DJ Octavio’s Japanese name, a cold octopus dish served with wasabi... Which isn't quite as morbid as naming a squid after calamari, right?
  • His favorite food and drink are based off of teams for America and Japan’s third Splatfests, Marshmallows VS Hotdogs and Lemon Tea VS Milk Tea.
  • Ceph is very... uncertain on how he should feel about Marina. While a part of him is happy to know that an octoling is so successful on the surface, but on the other hand, she's in a group with an inkling, who she's at least friends with. He can respect her lyrical talent, though. He'd be glad to have her at his side, if she were to have a change of heart, though...
  • Ceph knows some Inkling, but is pretty bad at it. He's also easily angered by people mixing it up with Octarian, which was his first language. They're completely different languages!
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