Physical Appearance Edit

Chad has his father's genetics such as brown hair, brown eyes, caucasian skin chiseled features 5'0 clock shadow, he also has his father's build from Resident Evil 5 and stands at 6ft1inches and 185 centimeters.

Personality Edit

True to his to his title Chad is overprotective most of his sister Clara Redfield but aside from that he is shown to be athletic, skilled, commanding, tough, brave, strong, caring, task focused, loyal, selfless, serious, bold, respectful, reasonable, responsible, sympathetic, family oriented, brotherly, sarcastic, and friendly.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Chad is the son of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine he's also the overprotective brother of Clara Redfield but despite his overprotectivity he deeply cares for her and the rest of his family and friends.

Friends Edit


Romance Edit

Chad is single.

Trivia Edit

Chad is the strongest and skilled in his family next to his father.

Quotes Edit

Quotation1 Clara I only want what's best for you it would be devastating to lose you Quotation2
Chad to Clara
Quotation1 The way you teach this class Mr. West is an interesting take on zombie survival and in truth I'm impressed Quotation2
Chad during Zombie survival class
Quotation1 You have a lot to learn kid Quotation2
Chad when sparing with a random student
Quotation1 Since we're friends and roommates I'm going to take it easy on you Quotation2
Chad to Harry Ross during self defense
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