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Chance to Clover

Chance is the younger brother of Lucky Guy, a support character who has ability to get what he wanted in thee chest from the asymmetrical horror called Identity V. Chance is also the twin brother of Clover.



Chance was an anxious kind of a person especially being pursued first in a match without getting stuffs in the chest or facing the crowd, but when a female Identity V fellow was pursued or being bullied even a hunter, his protective instincts kick even a hunter however his overprotective to girls irritates anyone including the girls protected. This why he got nicknamed as the "Simp of Identity V"

Chance is somehow a kind brother to Clover who is willing to support her. Also he is also superstitious like Clover but not that much.


Chance was a tall young man who posses with light brown wavy hair, peach skin with a freckles and a green eyes

He wore a panda like hooded t-shirt with a grey long sleeve shirt underneath, a blue baggy jeans and a brown sneakers

The only accessory he had was his glasses.


Like his older brother and sister, his lore is unknown as well



Like Clover, he had no information related to his parents. As for his brother, it is revealed Lucky Guy is the one who take care of him and his sister.


Allie often used his on one of his experiments that somewhat fails on him.


Like his fellows, he despise Archie, he is also responsible for his nickname some how.


He had an unnamed puppy that he found on streets.


During a school event, she had a blind date with Hwa-Young (Forced by Alodia) but the blind date was disaster but despite of a disasters blind date, he fell for her.. He wanted to get her hand until she ended up with a killer which break his heart, but that doesn't stop him since he will always get her attention behind his back which Hwa-Young didn't like because she might mistaken as a cheater.


  • Unlike his twin sister and older brother, he likes dogs and cats
  • He has a side job as pizza delivery guy
  • Chance was being nicknamed as a "Simp" due how he wanted to pursue someone who doesn't love him.
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