It was a new day in Game High,soo many new students,Marcy and Roxy having a research about how to get your Ex boy to cure one of the girl who victimized by Sally and they saw a video of break up between Ruby and Bunnito...

The worst BREAK UP EVAHHHH!!! 

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" Bunnito we need to talk."

"What's wrong?"

"Listen, I won't let this relationship continue."

"What, but we are happy togheter."

"Yes, but I can't be happy when my friends are not,I think we should stop see each other I am sorry"

End of Video

After the video ends they check the comments on Gametube..

HacktaliaFangurl:Ruby and Bunitto is too young..

NashStrykerMK:Alignment doesnt matter.. 

Hackstuckers101:Dude Seriously??Antagonist love Protagonist!!

Feferi13:Allignment doesnt matter at all!!

Marcy sighed and shut her laptop.."That was sad so let's research more.."Marcy said as she puts her laptop at her slingbag"Ok!!I have to plan to make an appology date..Help me please!!!"."OK.I will h-wahm!"she cutted as the girl who looks like a Fem!Dave Strider hit Marcy so bad"OOps!My bad"the girl laughed"Hey!Respect Roxy Cage!!!"an african like girl stopped her"Dude!Seriously"then a boy with a Chinese descent appears and he has slight similar to Kung Jin..

"What!It's for fun..Randa"she just chuckled

"Just like a Cage.."Then an Chinese boy facepalmed

Then a black girl turned to Marcy,"Apologize..Uh..Marcy Nivans for disrespectful doing of Mrs Roxy Cage...Hehehe..BTW I am Miranda Briggs,If you ask about me.I am not the daughter of Jax Briggs..I am his niece,,Only Niece and This boy behind me as Rin.."Miranda smiled\

Marcy just ignore her introduction and goes to Roxy Cage "Mrs Cage!You should think what are you doing..Jhonny Cage and Sonya Blade's second daughter!"Marcy is about to fist Roxy "Oh!I've been Cgaed"Roxy tried to run away but instead she is still the hands of Marcy"

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