Piers Penny and all the others go in the school for a new year begin, because summer was over and the school was in a new year so all the students go to school for go to class.

"Watch out" say Jamie running, "No running in the school" say The Principal, "He never listen" say Marcelline, "So what say Calliope looking at Jamie.

Piers was in the hall, "Hi Piers" say Mare Nette, "Oh hi" he said,"Well long time we didn't see our old friend" say Penny, Terror Piers just walked, "Who was that" say Piers, "I don't know" say Penny, "He was scary" say Mare Nette.

"Hey you can watch out" say Tara and Rinchi Yamada, "Its always like that with him" said Ballorina, her brother said "Yeah he's also a child from Five night's too", "Oh really" say Piers, "Yeah he is" say Ballorina looking at Piers, Mare Nette doesn't like that.

Warius and Waluigen was just talking in the hall but no one heard a thing, the kid from Gta game was also there, Dhaosia that girl was still single no boy was crushing on her, because sshe doesn't want a boyfriend because for her its never in a million years like she said.

Terezi was looking at where Jamie same if her brother told her to let him go Jamie still in this school, Florian Scout looking for his brother Piers Scout no one see him yet. "Well its seem that everyone is back" said Penny, "Yeah its seem that the year just begun" said Piers, "Yeah" said Mare Nette, "Well i think i will see you soon" said Ballorina walking away.

Mare Nette shook her head, but Piers didn't see that Ballorina was smiling at him, he didn't give any attention to that, so all the students go to class.

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