Its the s second e^pisode from the aserie The robot Bear and The Marionette


Piers was in the halls

Mare Nette: Hi Piers

Piers: Oh Hi Mare Nette

Mare Nette: Well how you doing

Piers: I'm Fine

Jamie then passed Jamie: Sorry for it

Calliope: Jamie you should watch where you going


Lance: Yeah you're li9ke my brother and sister


Terezi:Well i don't think so Lance

Lance:Aww come on Guys

Calliope: You are so fast

Jamie: We know

Funtime Piers arrived some student was talking about him

Male Student : Do you see his color

Female Student:An other Weirdio

Funtime Piers take head down

Jia:How can you be so rude

Piers:Yeah just leave him alone

Mare Nette: You don't know what we will do to you if you provoked us

Funtime Piers:Thanks

Jia:You're welcome

Piers:Hey you're the friend of Ballorina right

Funtime Piers:Yep Funtime Piers its my name

Mare Nette: Well its nice to meet you

Funtime Piers:Me too

Jia:Don't worry about them okay

Funtime Piers:Thanks

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