Piers was walking the hall,when someone got his attention.

Mare Nette: Hi Piers

Piers: Hi Mare Nette

Mare Nette: How you doing

Piers: I am fine and you

Mare Nette: Me too

Ballorina: Hi guys

Piers: Hi

Funtime Piers: Well its been a while

Piers: its that not my cousin

Funtime Piers: Hi Piers

Jia: Hey Funtime Piers how you doing

Funtime Piers: I am fine and you

Jia: Me too

Logan: Hi guys

Holinda: Well its that not a other Resident evil offspring

Mare Nette: Logan

Logan: Yeah its me

Piers: wait you are the son of Lucas Baker

Logan: Yeah from Resident evil 7

Jia: Nice

Funtime Piers: Yeah you seem really great for a other character child

Logan: I Know all kids from our game are friends or enemy

Jia: well good luck if you follow your destiny

Holinda: I think we all are

Mare Nette so true

Piers: yeah but guys don't forget that we have to respect each other

Logan: I know itss the rules

Funtime Piers: Exactly

Jia: Yeah

Ballorina: Good talk guys but were little late

they realized they are late for class

Piers: Oh boy

Logan: Here we go

they all run to their classes.

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