Quotation1 The name is Charles, an assistant android of RK800 better known as Connor.. Quotation2
Charles' introduction

Charles is the "son"/apprentice of Connor , an android who is tasked to hunt deviants from Detroit Become Human,an interactive adventure game. He is a RL800 android who can assist the RK800 during an investigation,he is also the known hall monitor in Game High,



Charles was reserved and calm young android who is programmed to assisting the RK800, he is also serious when investigating a case and was quite perfectionist with it because of him being programmed to find missed clues in every crime.

Despite of being an android, he do have a soft side with animals mostly dogs which he got from his master because of Connor's love of dogs.


Charles' is a slender young man, with pale artificial skin, a brunette hair that is neatly done and blue eyes which can able to scan data. He also has a led that indicates his condition.

Charles' outfit is similar to RK900'S uniform, he wore a black and white uniform with his serial on it as well as glowing symbol, a blue and black checkered belt that holds his dark grey slacks and black leather shoes

As for his accessories, he had a blue band on his left arm, a blue watch and another bracelet on his left wrist.


Charles was created by Kamski's daughter, Angela who is an aspiring inventor and soon to take his footsteps as a CEO of the Cyberlife, to prepare her next footsteps, she began to draw her new kind of concepts of androids and her first work is Charlie himself, a new prototype to assist any RK800 androids.

Charles started to work in DCPD as Connor's assistant.











Despite of having emotions, he had no romantic attraction to anyone.


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