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Quotation1.png I will make sure my dancer will smile anytime... Quotation2.png
Charlie showing his affection to Renée

Charlie is the grandson of Smiley Face, a rocket dashing clown from Identity V, an asymmetrical survival horror game. He is circus performer in an unnamed circus.



Charlie has a great sense of humor like what clowns usually has and a positive energy to cheer up people around him, however behind closed doors he is actually a sensitive person whenever he got offended by something and to avoid ruining his reputation, he constantly hiding that side because of toxic masculinity he feared. He is also anxious whenever he perform his talent because of how he got his peg leg.

In match, he is very insane when dealing survivors and he usually suffer them once trolled by a particular survivors.


Charlie is a slightly muscular young man with some Smiley's appearance, he had a tomato red hair that is slightly messy, an eye that has no lens and a white skin that is covered in clown make up, he also had clown make up with some creepy details combined like the dripping black eye shadow and a slightly messed up lips, it also comes up with red nose which is common to clowns.

His outfit has also similarities to Joker ,he had a red buttoned shirt that has few buttons unbuttoned to reveal his chest slightly, it also comes up with a darker red vest with colorful polka dots, an oak brown pants that is cutted on left to reveal his peg leg and a black leather shoes.

Charlie has also a black finger less gloves, some bandages on his elbows, a yellow and red neck tie, a clown mask that is similar to Smiley's mask however it was messed up with colorful paint, a leather strap that located on his thigh that is also contains his propellers and lastly a checkered scarf.


Before the incident happen in the Hullaboo Circus, his lover which is a tightrope performer (before he met Natalie) was accidentally got pregnant with Smiley which resulted her 1 year of hiatus in the circus which making Joker wonder where she is and because of how long she is gone, he began to fell for Natalie.

When the former lover of Joker is unable to take care of her child she put him to the White Sand so that someone could adopt him, that child is one of the fortunate ones because some child got murdered or experimented on that place, later he got adopted by also some ringmaster who treat him as own child then years passed by he became a famous clown who fell in love with an animal tamer (which however loved him dearly as well resulted the birth of Charlie.



Charlie's parents are supportive to his passions on performing especially juggling. However he felt lonely because of him being an only child.


Like any other hunters, he is also befriended with Florencio, who he admit he loves to be his partner on the Pack Hunter however he is concerned about his fear on the particular survivor, Arthur and him are also have a good friendship to each other but he admit he do pity him for being unable to play in Pack hunter as well and lastly is Míng which he admit he like how calm he is which making him liked his presence around him.


He doesn't like pets roaming around his dorm.


Despite of being close to Míng, he do find his lover, Xiao a very bad person because of how sadistic she is to literally anyone which he admit was too far in so many levels.


He is apparently Renée's secret admirer and he constantly send various letters and gifts on her table once a week to show his affection to her. He hoped that she will know her admirer's identity. After he revealed to be her secret admirer they began to have a relationship.


  • Charlie is named after a clown named Charlie Rivel, a clown from the Cataln Circus.
  • Not only Charlie Rivel's name was gotten by him, also his birthday.
  • He smelled like Cotton Candy with a hint of gunpowder.
  • Charlie nearly lost his arm because of his experimenting a circus tricks.
  • Charlie has a soft side with children and he wanted a child of his own in the future.
  • Charlie has collection face mask and moisturizers to avoid his face getting dried due to harsh chemicals on the make up he applied
  • Charlie's furniture's are vintage.