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Cherry's intro

Cherish or Cherry is the daughter of Miss Aubrey and Angel. .which is both from  Dance Central.



Cherry has a sweet and playful personality..she is also friendly to all people which boys attracted about her..When it comes to her friends, she is kind and bubbly to them (Especially to Elza and Judy)..Her relationship with her parents is quite perfect, she is very kind to her Father and very loving to her mother..She is also a scaredy cat when it comes to jumpscares..She is also mischievous towards to Claude..


Cherry has a very attractive beauty, she has a appearance of a Latin and Australian ancestry.Most of her genetics was from her mother,she had a wavy chocolate brown medium hair, a hazel eyes and a fair skin..



She was being loved both of her parents.


Elza was her childhood friends since they are kindergarten..Cherry is also the friend of  Judy ..


She owned a Cat and A dog which their names are unknown..




Since she is known to her Attractiveness..She had many suitors...She refused all of them and some others got the wrong timing when her father is around...She prefer to be single..But Ironically she got a relationship with James McCree .


  • Cherry is named after Miss Aubrey's cravings when she was pregnant with her..
  • Cherry's annoying moment is her Parents calling her through Video Call in a Wrong Time especially infront of her friends..
  • She rarely speaks Spanish..
  • Cherry is not easily getting fat..
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