Quotation1.png Papa! I can do it by myself! Quotation2.png
Cherry before leaving her home behind to study Game High

Cherish is the little sister of Miss Aubreywhich is from  Dance Central. She is part of the Dance Club and she is a costume designer on Meera's Movie Crew..



Cherry has a sweet and playful personality..she is also friendly to all people which boys attracted about her causing her to have tons of suitor which she politely refuse until she got stalkers which gave her anxiety of being alone.She is also a scaredy cat and when it comes to horror based lessons which is why she avoided Survival Related Classes. Cherry fond of playfully teasing anyone including Lucio.







Elza was her childhood friends since they are kindergarten.. Cherry is also the friend of  Judy, who is also her gym buddies.


Maya which is Black Pug.


She dislikedEvelynn like most Game High students too however she knew about Evelynn's backstory for being the siblings of the Gliteratti and she knew those sibling are not a good influence for her.. She admit she wanted help her but she don't know how to save her from her influences.


Since she is known to her Attractiveness..S he had many suitors...She refused all of them and some others got the wrong timing when her father is around...She prefer to be single..B ut Ironically she got a relationship with James McCree which it turns out he is a nice guy for her.



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