Cherry Ann Moon
Cherry Ann Moon
Gaming Series of Origins Harvest Moon Serie
Gaming Parentage The Protagonist From Harvest Moon
Age 17 year old
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate Alicia Funland
Victorious Moments Have the best day of my life with someone who love me.
Knock Out! Moments Lose everything and the farm.
Favored School Subject Gameology 101
Least Favored School Subject Gym
Allies Ruby Cooper and Candy Shokora are my friends.
Nemeses Well all mean characters from all games is my enemies.
Favorite Food Pancake


She's friendly and helpful, she doesn't like when someone is mean to her friends, she doesn't like that at all, she like to harvest like her father.

Physical DescriptionEdit

She has olive skin and orange ginger hairs, she had green eyes, she wear a green shirt with blue pants and brown shoes on her feet.



She's the daughter of the protagonist and maybe Ann from the harvest moon, she maybe have a lot of siblings.


She seem to be friend with Ruby Cooper and Candy Shokora, they love shooping togheters.


All mean characters from all games are her nemeses.


She do not have romantic interest for someone, because she should date someone from her game, but Shevion Alomar seem to be interested by her at Christmas vacation, but just to find him annoying, but the feeling is mutual , but they are not dating.

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