Chip Chickerz
Chip Chickerz
Gaming Series of Origins Five Night's at Freddy 2
Gaming Parentage Toy Chica
Age maybe 14
Alignment Antagonist
Roommate Frank Fazbear
Victorious Moments Have friends around me is my victory and i like to have some others friend too­.
Knock Out! Moments Be force to be no good is my weakness i don't really want to be the villain of my my game.
Favored School Subject Quoteology 101
Least Favored School Subject Weaponology 101
Allies All students at the school are my friends same if i am an antagonist but Piers Fazbear is the one who understand me the most.
Nemeses Everyone who are go to put me down and be not nice with the others are my enemies.
Favorite Food Pizza

Chip is the son of Chica the toy one.


He seem like many others to be friendly at first, but he's also destimed to be a villain in his game, he doesn't want to be evil like his mother, he only want to eat pizza and have a good fun with others.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Well he's a yellow plastic chicken, who wear sleeveless shirt is writen Party On and yellow pants, he have violet eyes and he also wear a hat.



He's the younger son of Toy Chica.


He seem to be friends with everyone at least, but Piers Fazbear is the only one who really understand him.


All mean people are his enemies, he doesn't like bullies, and mean people around him.


He flushed his crush on Helena Hopper

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