Chris Cahn is the son of Craig Cahn and Ashley and the athletically inclined older brother to his sisters Briar, River,and Hazel Cahn he's the third student from Dream Daddy a Dad Dating Simulator he's also Game High's local jock and the president of the Sports club.

Physical Appearance

Chris is a handsome young man standing at 6ft 3inchs with a mesomorphic build brown eyes caucasian skin, black hair and sports a Letterman jacket tennis shoes and jeans.


Chris is seen as a athletic, skilled, brave, bold, caring, adventurous, daring, brotherly, modest, observant, respectful, responsible, friendly and kind.



Chris grew up in Maple Bay with his family before their divorce and spent quality time with them, he even went to the gym with his dad. However soon after the divorce was made, Chris spent time with his sisters and Clint along with the daughter of his dad's former college roommate whenever his own dad was too busy with his company but he still would often visit him and his mother.


Chris has been childhood friends with Clint Small since they grew up in Maple Bay together and like Clint himself he was able to see pass the facade's of Peter Christiansen and Joseph Christiansen and see their true faces. However he also shown to be supportive of his friendships with Travis Philips and Jacob McCullum most likely due to Chris's friendship with one Mike De Santa but aside from that he's also friends with Marcus Witt.


Chris is enemies with Peter Christiansen for he was able to see pass his mask of being a nice guy.


Chris is single.


Chris has a habit of calling Clint and his own friends bro.

Chris is a fitness freak.

Chris is a skilled athlete.


Quotation1 Clint look at this weird creature I found! Quotation2
Chris to Clint when he unexpectedly found mothman
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