Quotation1 Easy fellas I don't want any trouble now I just took a wrong turn that's all Quotation2
Chuck nervously backing away from two mafia members who crossed paths with him

Chuck Angelo is the son of Mafia's the city of Lost Heaven's Tommy Angelo the protagonist and cab driver from the game of the same name. He's a family man and the first Mafia series student at Game High. He's also a editor for the journalism club.


Chuck is described as being all in all a nice guy, he's also a calm understanding respectful, honorable, Family oriented, caring, humble, kind, modest, good, clever and smart person.

Physical Appearance

Chuck is a tall lanky preteen with brown eyes fair skin black hair, he also seen wearing a dapper suit and slacks with loafers or a simple cab driver uniform.



Chuck was born in Lost Heaven alongside his family, before they moved to Empire City, where he took a job as a chauffeur for folks, however he still has the surviving members of the Salieri Crime Family and the mafia.


Chuck is close with Ezra Auditore da Firenze for the two had interacted with each other a couple of times and bonded over their love of family making them best friends.




Chuck is single.


Chuck is a lot like his dad.


Quotation1 The Salieri Family has been on my family's tail since day one so we've been trying to keep a low profile every since my father faked his death. Quotation2
Chuck explaining his history with the Salieri Crime Family
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