Quotation1.png Be carful what you created. It might kill you.. Quotation2.png
Clara advising Hugo during his creation to Bailey (Ironically she died by recreating her grandfather's creation)

Clara Jean is the great grandfather of Percy also known as the "Undead", a crossover hunter from the asymmetrical horrorrr called Identity V



She is some what a smart yet sarcastic girl who is into the concept of human biology because of her great grandfather's influence to her.




Percy was apparently married to a woman named Mary who is a writer, then they had a child of their own named Florence, his wife was worried about his own creation which is the monster he made in his lab, this also scared his son as well. So Mary convince her husband to stop his creation because of how this creation potentially a dangerous being which Percy refused to listened and because of that, she had no choice to but to leave him behind because of how she feared that creature might kill her son.

However once she heard about her husband died with his heart getting pulled out, many people thought that he got killed by an animal or a mania but Mary believed that he got killed by his creation judging by the fact that the place where he lay his creature. After Mary buried her husband, she remarried to a man which makes Percy, who is recently resurrected by Burke/Mad Eyes, hurts because he realized he failed as husband and a father.

Years passed and his son had his own family. Clara was born, she is gifted to have a skill in science which her parents proud however she is obsessed of the concept of making creatures which her parents considered impossible however as she grow older, her dream was about happen when she saw her great grandfather's dairy which inspire her to do this thing for real, after months of research and process on making the creature successfully made her own being but then once she give that creature life, she vanished out of nowhere..













  • Clara was named after Mary Shelley's daughter, Clara.
    • Clara is a feminine form of the late Latin name Clarus which means "Clear, Bright and Famous"
  • Clara was an ambidextrous,
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