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Claude had enough of Dirk.

Claude Oda is the son of Joseph Oda from The Evil Within,a third person survival horror game. He is a part of the School Council as a school secretary.



Claude was a serious leader whenever he did his role as a school's secretary and he is very strict as well whenever he is the school council.When you get closer to him, he is a sweet and kind whenever he is close to anyone. As a brother he is overly protective to Gou due to her naive spirit. He is also a gentleman on every woman he encounter.


Claude has a fair skin, an almond brown eyes and a charcoal black hair. He wore a white long sleeved button up shirt that has folded sleeves with beige vest, he had cool gray slacks with brown belt and a brown leather shoes. He also wore his glasses like Joseph.





He and Joseph are close as a father and son since he was born to this world because of that, he always bring him to his office during weekends


Claude was close to Nick, which surprises him because he thought a knowledgeable person like him would chose Augustus but when he showed his discomfort around him, they became sibling like relationship which making Nick felt happy and He also loved to help Ashael in his school works.


He had a Shiba named Michiko.


He doesn't like people who underestimated him due to his " weak vibes".


He had a crush on Miranda Briggs because of she is


  • Unlike his father he is very good in Japanese along with his sister.
  • Claude loves to put nori in his toast and people judged him for that.
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