Cliamain Aensland
Gaming Series of Origins Darkstalkers
Gaming Parentage Morrigan Aensland
Age 600 years old,give or take.
Alignment Protagonist believe it or not.
Roommate ((Open))
Victorious Moments Unknown
Knock Out! Moments I run on affection and let me tell you it's not fun when there's none around.Is anyone else getting dizzy?
Favored School Subject You know that class with a blonde robot as a teacher?
Least Favored School Subject Weaponology.I'm not a fan of weapons and the teacher there scares me.
Allies ((Open))
Nemeses ((Open))
Favorite Food Affection.Not souls.I'm on a diet after all.


Cliamain's rather effeminate.But telling him so really won't help.He doesn't care.He'll just tell you he's being himself.He's,uh,very affectionate...and clingy don't forget clingy.As in if he tackle hugs you,he's probably not gonna let go until you start yelling at him.Especially if you're a certain person with a smiling mask.Sure Cliamain acts more like a girl than a guy but he was sort of raised differently than any other of the Darkstalkers children.

He hates being rude though.Even if you're his worst enemy,he will still be uncomfortable levels of polite to you.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Cliamain has seafoam green hair (I honestly have no idea),fair looking skin,and a pair of wings on his back.He's really tall too,say about taller than Calico,even though he levitates most of the time.



He gets along pretty well with Morrigan,despite the fact that he stays at Game High more than his own house.He's been trying to get her to stay at the school because there's whole lot of affection to have since there's a lot of students and teachers there.


Cliamain doesn't really consider his friends to be friends.As far as he's concerned,they're basically food sources to him.





He usually wears a black and pink kimono with a salmon silk wrap,fuschia tights along with black boots.A salmon ribbon usually hold his ponytail in place.

Pledge DaysEdit


Player's BreakEdit



IMG 20150407 103917

Cliamain's Basic


He was originally going to be the "child" of Zero,but Kittie scrapped this idea.Cliamain's ponytail however,is a homage to Zero.This is also reference is Cliamain's bio.

His name means gentle and merciful.

He's got loose ties with Ramlethal,which is ironic since xe tries to drive him off with xir guitar.

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