Quotation1 Stay the hell away from me Dover Ghost Jr. My mother is dead all because of your cultist uncle, and thanks to him my Father's life is a living hell! Quotation2
Clint expressing his anger at Peter for what his uncle did

Clint is the son of Robert Small and Marilyn Small plus the brother to Val Small from Dream Daddy a Dating Simulator, he's Game High's local bad boy and a crytid hunter, he's also the second Dream Daddy A Dating Simulator character at Game High.

Physical Appearance

Clint is a 6ft 1 inch tall young man with dark brown slightly graying hair dark eyes a mesomorphic build, somewhat dark skin and sports a long sleeved red shirt with ripped blue jeans and bears a black leather jacket and tinted sunglasses hanging from the collar of his shirt and tattoo on his left hand.


Clint is seen as a rebellious, aloof, quick witted, short tempered with a macabre sense of humor who also enjoys toying with others by way of the elaborate, reluctant too talk about anything too serious. He's also kind, cool, brotherly, caring, however ever since his mother's death he has become depressed, regretful, a loner, and sad.



Clint grew up in Maple Bay alongside his family and they used to be happy together and do basic family things. However when his mother died due to Joseph's cultist interferes things took dark turn. His father became depressed and sad, he tried to cheer him up and help him through the pain and loss, and while Clint had a good relationship with his family including his own sister, he took more after his father, despite the relationship between his sister and a their dad strained at the moment he stills help out even in these troubling times.


Clint has interacted with Travis Philips and Jacob McCullum on some occasions and three has been friends since freshman year and they would often hang out or grab a drink and see a movie or something despite their clashing personalities.


Clint is bitter enemies with Peter Christiansen for he blames his uncle for his mother's death and the condition his family is in now thank's to Joseph Christiansen's cult activities no matter how much he would deny it.


Clint is single, though he did have an unknown girlfriend at one time back in Maple Bay, but they broke up soon after his mother's death.


Clint has interests in crytids like his dad.

It's revealed that Clint has fangirls due to his cool bad boy persona.

Clint likes cool knifes.

Clint is very strong for his age for he's able to lift a grown man.



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