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Clover to Chance

Clover is the younger sister of Lucky Guy, a support survivor from the asymmetrical game called Identity V. She is a part of the Survival Club.



Clover was superstitious because of how she avoid anything so called misfortunes such as black cats, the number 13 and many more, she is also curious which lead to her in danger sometimes like how she faced a mysterious ghost in school's sewers that nearly killed her. She is also supportive to her friends especially Barret who is her long time friend and also her crush.


Clover has dirty blond messy short hair, an emerald green eyes and a fair skin with freckles. She wore a green t-shirt with black neckline and bottom sleeves along with 2 black lines on the chest, a grey plaited skirt with black leggings underneath and a pair of red sneakers. Clover also had bandages on her fright ore arm and left fore leg.


Clover's backstory was never shown like Lucky Guy...



She had no information related to her parents. As for her brother, it is revealed Lucky Guy is the one who take care of her making it implied that their parents abandoned them both.


Barret was her long time friend ,she enjoyed his presence around him which her friendship with him become more than a friend and she is also the best buddies with Rupert because of how adventurous he is.


She had a Siamese cat named Mochi.


She disliked Evelynn for mocking her being a third wheeler which she find offensive and annoying as heck whenever she mentioned that. She also disliked Xiao chen for being dirty ingame.


She develop a romantic feelings on Barret which is hard for her since he had a lover already, which breaks her heart however she already let go of her feelings for him since Demi is actually a girl he deserves.


  • Clover's name comes from a plant with a same name, this plant represents luck.
  • Clover admits to love using Antoinette's skirt as sun shield.
  • She wanted to be friends with Antoinette but she is too shy to ask because she is too high class and might get rejected
  • Like her brother, she also disliked dogs.
  • She smelled like sunflower oil.
  • Her cat was named after a famous Japanese dessert.