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Cressida's usual line before and during a match.

Cressida Behamfil is the granddaughter of Martha Behamfil, also known as Coordinator, a survivor from the asymmetrical game Identity V.



Cressida is a tall athletic girl with really curly dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and peach white skin. She also has long curly lashes and pink lips. 

Her outfit consists on a 1940's british royal Air Force outfit. This includes a light navy blue jacket and buttoned skirt, a dark blue belt, a white shirt underneath the jacket, a black tie, and dark brown boots. She also wears blue gloves and carries a flare gun that unlike her grandmother, does have more than one shot (three).


Cressida is a calm young lady with a great sense of justice, which is the reason she wanted to join the army as her grandmother. She is usually cold minded, really centered in what she needs to do and thinks things a lot before taking action. Due to this, she might come off as rude sometimes when in fact she's just trying to be as direct as possible as to not create any type of confusion on her words. She can also be at times a little bit goofy since she likes making some pranks with friends. Her tough and serious personality is just a cover up for her millions of insecurities laying deep down in her mind.


In Game

Martha Behamfil had once a lover named Henry, and had a child with him. Sadly, Henry passed away in a crash and Martha had to take care of her son by herself with the help of her parents. Still, she was really determined to show her value even as a woman. She left her son in care of her mother and was never seen again.

The child grew up with her grandmother and was told the story about his two parents, exceptional people who tragically had died. So, he grew up even more determined to be as exceptional as his parents and trained as much as he could so he one day could fulfill his parent's dreams. While enlisting, he fell in love with a military doctor and together they had a child, Cressida.



Cress is really close to her father, more than she is close to her mother. Her father is part of the birtish army while her mother is a normal housewife. As a matter of fact, she learnt how to prepare herself for the army thanks to her father. Everything she knows is thanks to his knowledge, which was given to him by her grandmother. She also respects her grandmother a lot, being able to fullfill her grandmother's dream (which became hers) as well. Her only desire is to make her family proud of her.


Cress had some trouble making friends in the past, but once she entered Game-High they appeared. For example, she gets along well with any other IDV Survivor offspring and even likes some of the hunters' presence. One of her best friends is Athena, since they are training buddies and manage to be really good partners when it comes to pairing in a match. She's also friends with Isha Subedar, even if she doesn't always support her decisions. Still, she likes training with her.


There's still no one that she might consider as an actual enemy, even if some hunters are really annoyed by her and nnoy her as well. Still, no one is her enemy, unless they try to hurt her loved ones.


After confessing her feelings to Rupert, they both became a couple. This made her really happy after having such a hard time trying to tell him her feelings.


  • Her appereance is inspired on her creator.
  • When she is in a match that has both Pythia and Xiao, she's always rescuing her. Also she normally keeps along the decoders to save them just in case.
  • Cressida's height is 165 cm (5'4 ft) and with heels, she gains a couple more centimeters.
  • Some people say she smells like gunpowder or ash.
  • Cressida is a very tidy person, but some people might see her covered in soil at times. This is because of Rupert, who's always covered in soil, but she doesn't mind.
  • She could've died during a failed glider flying session, but she managed to get out of the glider before it crashed. Still, this broke her arm for a while but she's better nowadays. 
  • When she's with other people, she comes off as a serious person. But with Rupert she's really loving and goofy, this is shown when she calls Norton and Luchino her "babies" and says that Rupert and her are their "Mama and Papa".
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