Not much can be said about Crystallite here,except cold,distant,and bent on taking over the world.Yes the world.Unlike her dear 'father' who simply attacks any enemy spaceship upon his completion,Crystallite wants to make her colony proud by ruling Earth.She is usually harsh sounding whenever she speaks.



Crystallite's family isn't biological.The people that built and programmed her also built her 'father' Sinistar.However,they don't share a family-like relationship,she's just sent to school to spy on them and report back.


Like it says in her profile,she reports that she is friends with the Cubus sisters.Due to their appearance,they even say they're the daughters of the Diabolical Cubus Sisters.


It's safe to say Crystallite considers the enitre planet to be an enemy.

Physical Appearance

She has white "skin",which is actually a metal made out of the crystals used to power her.She has silver wires that serves as hair and red eyes with black sclera.


She is usually seen wearing a metallic grey dress that resembles clothing out of a sci-fi movie,it has crimson red stripes.Crystallite also wears crimson eyeshadow,black boots,and black lipstick.


Trivia name come from the crystals you have to collect in the Sinistar game.

I imagine her having a robotic voice,because robot voices are awesome.

She's actually piloted by three female members of Sinistar's armada.

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