Daisy "Boston Basher" Paisley
Character Profile
Game Team Fortress 2
Age Eh,somewhere around sixteen
Alignment Huh.Guess it depends if I'm on RED or BLU.That old crone upstairs can't decide.
Roommate ((Open))
Character Parent The Scout
Victory Moments Nothin' beats takin' one for the team.Or getting the intel.
K.O Moments Ya see,I HATE doctors.And Jarate and being set on fire.And robots.
Favourite Subject Just keep me far away from anything involving technology or medicine.Puh-lease.
Least Favourite Subject Uh chucklenuts?Read freakin' above!
Quote "Not so tough now are ya?!Are ya?!"
Victory Friends Funny thing is,I like hanging round Magnilde,Lucinda and the others.They're real cool.


Bold,brash,and utterly rude,Daisy's a near spitting image of her father.Just take away the fact that Scout never gossiped to his teammates and you've got her.Never leaving home with her trusty Sandman,Daisy is quite literally a Force-a-Nature.She's also prone to bragging,so it's best to shut her up quickly before her mouth gets her in trouble.Daisy is also paranoid of robots,contributing to the reason why she's not a big fan of Toshiba Conagher.Or anything with bolts and wiring for that matter.

Living in a world where she feels like she's the best thing on the planet since sliced bread,Boston tends to do the dumbest stuff ever because of that.And no triple jump can get her away from whatever mess she causes.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Standing at an average height,Daisy has a head of brown hair,which is always kept in a ponytail.She's got blue eyes and fair colored skin.She's usually seen with a necklace on.On Halloween,she wears an Ankh necklace.And she's usually clad in red or blue clothing.

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