Daria Miles
Daria Miles
Gaming Series of Origins Assassin Creed series
Gaming Parentage Desmond Miles
Age 18 year old
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate Dirk Jones
Victorious Moments Be the next Protagonist like my dad, and beat the villains of my game, and be the new assassin.
Knock Out! Moments Be use for a a scientific experience, and be defeated by villains of my game, and never become the best assassin.
Favored School Subject Weaponology 101 and Herology 101.
Least Favored School Subject Antagonist 101
Allies Dirk is a little bit my friend, but also allan same is that,s a antagonist.
Nemeses Mean game girls.
Favorite Food Fish and Fries.


Friendly and kind, she love be around good people, and help people in need, but she don't like to be bullied. Because she find that too cruel, and she dislike mean game girls, and want to befriend with everybody.

Physical DescriptionEdit

She have browns long hairs, and wore a white dress, with white heels on feets.



She's the daughter of Desmond miles, and she love her father.


She's friends with Dirk Jones, son of Miles Jones, and she is also friend with Allan mercer.


All mean game girls are her enemies.


She do not have a love interest, but all of the boys at Game high found her cute, she had a fan club of boys. She also accepted all the gifts the boys gave her, without hesitation, she like have a lot of admirer, same if she do not have real love interest, for her heart she still accept the gifts she receive.

Boys Like Allan Mercer, He found her cute and a crush on her, but she's just do the girl who is not ready or a real relationship, because she just accepting every gifts the boys give her, Also Piers Fazbear found her cute, she do not really notice him, because he's a antagonist and protagonist and antagonist are not supposed to date.

She also maybe accused Kankri Kennedy to have a crush on her but it was revealed to be wrong, because he didn't have feeling for her, but think harder of Dirk Jones, because she suspect the young man to maybe have feeling for her because she really had fan boys who have feeling for her and want to date her by all way possible to win her heart, but like she know she do not have real love interest only stay single and like to have fan boys around her.

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