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Demi is the younger sister of Ellis from Left 4 Dead Series , she is a mechanic who enjoys campfires and outdoors. She appears to be the first student who is from Left 4 .



Demi was an outgoing and talkative that sometimes ended up being anyone sometimes which appears to be pretty much influenced by her brother, she is also supportive to her friends and her boyfriend. She is also risk taking but sometimes it ended up pretty bad like she accidentally tried to do a cannonball on the lake near at Game High which nearly breaks her neck.


Demi had a fair skin with freckles on her face and shoulders, a brown eyes and a brunette medium length hair. She wore a cream tank top with black neckline and shoulder line and a " Final Cut " logo, she had a red flannel jacket wrapped around her waist which she used in case of being inside of an air conditioned rooms along with jeans that paired with white sneakers with red linings.





Her family lives in Savannah and her brother created a Truck club, as for her parents she didn't mention them a lot.


She had a lot of friends back in Savannah, as for her friends here she is close to Mercedes and Erin.


She owned a turtle back at her hometown Savannah.


She had a friendly rivalry with Axel during their arm wrestling.


Demi had a lover which is a cowboy named Barret Black. They described themselves as a Yin and Yang couples due to Barret being a bit of a loner while she is the outgoing one.


  • She loves to do the Shotgunning with her root beer during parties.
  • Her logo in her shirt is referenced to a case from Criminal Case.


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