Quotation1.png I'll give you three seconds to walk away before my bat ends up hitting your face Quotation2.png
Devdan threatening Archie

Devdan Gupta is the grandson of Ganji Gupta, also known as Batter, who is an upcoming survivor from the horror asymmetrical survival game Identity V.



Devdan is a really serious boy who doesn't really talk too much and is too focused on his training. Still, that makes him really awkward as he usually doesn't have a filter on his words and is really blunt. He could hurt someone easily and wouldn't even notice.

He's also the type of person to get pissed off easily when you bother him or when he's in love with someone. He doesn't want distractions whatsoever, which eventually makes him get angry when there's one. People might be able to call him a blockhead due to how annoying he can get.







Devdan's family is an extremely traditional hindi family, his father is a really tough man while his mother is more gentle and submissive. Dev doesn't have a really good relationship with his father, for he was extremely strict in the way he wanted Dev to act. On the other hand, his mother is a sweet woman who always looks for Devdan's happiness and the only one to notice her son's sexuality.


He gets along quite well with fellow survivors Athena and Cressida, for they train in the gym together sometimes. Athena and him share a passion for sports which makes them even closer.


He absolutely dislikes Archie, for he acts like all of those rich people that used his family for fun. Plus, Archie tends to be a really big pain in the butt for him due to his comments.


Devdan developed a crush on Amir after his admiration turned into love. He's obviously not going to tell him even though he gets all flustered when he's near. He wants to have the courage to tell him someday.


  • His personality could possibly be described as "Tsundere".
  • Even though he dresses in really dull clothing, he likes a lot of flashy looking colors.
  • Only his mother and his closest friends know he is homosexual, for he comes off as heterosexual so that his father doesn't disown him.
  • Devdan has a "eat the rich" type of mentality sometimes.
  • He has gotten into may different fights which has given him his face scars. The reason why he has scars on his wrists is unknown.
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