Devin King is the son of David King Dead by Daylight's rugged scrapper survivor from the Lullaby for the dark DLC from the game he's the 3rd Dead by Daylight character to attend Game High.


Devin is a tough, stubborn, reckless, temperamental, combative, cocky, bold, skilled, athletic, cynical, strong, competitive, honest, militaristic, caring, macho, kindhearted and serious young man.

Physical Appearance

Devin sports a Harrington jacket with a shirt underneath brown hair fair skin a robust build denim jeans trainers a scar near his eye he is also 6ft 8 inches tall while sporting 5 o'clock shadow.



Born and raised in Manchester England like his dad, Devin spent most of his years playing sports mainly rugby or soccer and picking fights when his temper get's the best of him, his father while impressed by his skills and fighting prowess David told him to only fight when necessary and not for fun or as an act of revenge while adamant Devin agreed to do so even his mother figured it would be best for him to avoid getting sent to a juvenile delinquent hall or worst.


Devin has made friends with fellow survivors Tyler Park, and Sam Fairfield despite his personality flaws he's also a friend of Tony Travers due to their love of fighting.


Devin does not have any enemies though it depends on who would be the unlucky person to get on his bad side or the end of his temper.


Devin is single.


Quotation1 Sod off you wanker I got better things to do then join your bloody gang of Delinquents Quotation2
Devin to Gabriela
Quotation1 Where's that bloody Generator Quotation2
Devin when searching for a generator
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