Gaming Series of Origins Tales Of Phantasia Series
Gaming Parentage Dhaos
Age ageless, but look like a 18 year old girl.
Alignment Antagonist
Roommate Sillesya
Victorious Moments Have my crown on my head is my best moment ever in my life.
Knock Out! Moments lost my crown and powers is weakness.
Favored School Subject Quoteology 101 and Antagonist 101
Least Favored School Subject Weaponology 101.
Allies Monia Treasure and Cassandra Davis are my best friends.
Nemeses All people who are bullies.
Favorite Food Clouds Burger.


Well she is a tomboy girls, but love to help people in need same if she's destined to be a villain, she's not evil like her father, she doesn't like when people think she's evil.

Physical DescriptionEdit

She had blonde hairs and olive skin, she wear a golden wristle crown, she wear a tube purple top and violet pants and has violet eyes with black heels on her feet.



She's the oldest daughter of Dhaos, and have a little brother.


She seem to be best with Monia Treasure and Cassandra Davis, they love talk togheters same if they are not in the same game.


She doesn't like bullies.


She doesn't have a crush on anyone, she doesn't seem to be interested into boys same if some of them are crushing on her, she do not want to be in a romantic relationships, for her is never in a thousand years.

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