Dirk Jones
Dirk Jones
Gaming Series of Origins Assassin Creed Series
Gaming Parentage Milton Jones
Age 18 year old
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate Daria Miles
Victorious Moments Like my dad be the best protagonist of all time, and be the hero of the story, in my game.
Knock Out! Moments Like nothing is win is mky big regret, and i will not gave up, is my biggest fear to gave up.
Favored School Subject Weponology 101 and Quoetology
Least Favored School Subject Dunno
Allies All friendly character are my friend and my loyaly over them is very important.
Nemeses well i dislike game boy who think they are better then us protagonist,
Favorite Food Fresh salad and meat.


He's also friendly like many future protagonist, but he can lost a little bit of temper, he do not like when people are mean to him, he do not want anything happen to his friends, he's also the decendant od asssassin, like Daria, but he do not fight for nothing.

Physical DescriptionEdit

He have dark skin, and dark hairs he also wear green shirt and brown pants, with orange shoes on his feets.



He's the oldest son of Milton Jones.


Every protagoniss from all game are his friends, his loyalty is over them.


He dislike boys who are so mean and evil, like sport boys game boys or antagonists.


Dirk do not have love interest, but he still looking for the perfect girl for him, all the girls think to be his girlfriend and want to be with him. But Dirk want a girl who go to really love him, because he not want a girl who go to love him because he fight, but only want a girl who go to understand him for be the only one for him.

It seem that Chiffon have a crush on him, but she's is not his style of girl he want, and Shasta is so mean he can't stand that so he still looking for the perfect girl for him, and Chippy is an antagonist like Shasta, so he do not seem to be interested on her, but he 's still looking for the girl he want, because for now no girls at the school seem to be interested him, but when he will find he will be happy to be her boyfriend.

Everyone think he had feeling for Daria Miles, but yes he find her cute, but not to be her fan because like her he seem to have a fan club girls around him, he lithat but he still want real love interest and think, maybe he like Daria he seem to maybe do not want real love interest after all because he do realize that. and like his fan girls, so if all the girls want to be around him he can accept that he love to be loved by all girls­.


  • He tried to in the football team but do not have the spirit team
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