Quotation1 MAY THE FORCEE BE WITH YOU!! Quotation2
Dirk imitating the Star Wars Qoute!
Dirk Redfield
20170211 210234
Gaming Series of Origins Resident Evil Series..
Gaming Parentage The youngest son of Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield..
Age 17
Pet(s) *Sings* He is the beautiful dog I call him Jabba the Hut for a reaasoonn!
Alignment Protagonist..Oh yeah!!
Roommate Since Jean was no longer here.. I have a new one..He is name was Ritcher Withers..He is childish but I like him..
Victorious Moments Everyday is my victorious moments!But my victorios ones is mahh Girrl!
Knock Out! Moments I dont care at my flaws!
Favored School Subject P.E.. I love sports and also Math.
Least Favored School Subject Uhmm...I think Science..Boring yet sucks!
Allies Jean Nivans, Claude Oda and Finn Stryker
Nemeses Maybe..Deliquents here..
Favorite Food Tacoes and Pizza... CHEESY ONES!
Favorite Beverage Slurpee and Strawberry Shakes

 Dirk was the sports loving son of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine and the younger brother of Cassia Redfield ..He is a Famous Viners and a Proffesional Prankster. He is also the Founde of the Midnight Crew and the Captain of the Swim Team in Game High!



Dirk was a friendly and postive minded kind of a guy. He was being loved byt the whole Game High students due to his friendly persona to them..He is also a very smart one but he used his knowledge for pranks and he is not easily get tricked by someone..


Dirk was toned but skinny body, he is shorter than Jean and Taller than Ritcher. His Hair was Half-dyed which is Grey and a Blue Highlights, His Ocean Blue eyes was his asset which he didn't like it so he use Shades to conceal his eyes and he had a fine pale skin.


Dancing- Dancing is the one who gain his confidence at the age of 14, Judy praised his skills and Elza loved his potential.

Vines- He started vines when Finn reccomended him to do one..He make 400 vines which is also got famous as well.Some Cannon characters colaborate with him but mostly to Judy's brother, Bodie.

Pranks- Dirk got inspired making pranks when he watch others vines..He victimized many of them, even Cannon or Fannon characters.

Animes- He had a passion in  Anime at the young age..Until now he never let it go since he was born in this way.

Homestuck- Dirk was obessed of Homestuck until now..He mostly cosplay Dave Strider which his look alike..

Swimming - After his drowning incident.He encourage himself to swim in order face his fears..After that, Swimming became his Passion..


Puppets- He feared puppets in his childhood..Sometimes Judy use his fear to stop making pranks at her..

His Eyes-: Dirk's Assets..He didn't like it because it was too flashy, this flashiness attracts to the girls at school..



Dirk's new voice actor will be Thomas Brodie Sangster, he was an actor who play as Jojen Reed from Game of Thrones and Newt from the best selling book called the Maze Runner series, he also potrayed as Ferb Fletcher from Phineas and Ferb and John Tracy in Thunder bird go.He is also the singing voice actor of him (Occasionally)




Dirk was the second and the only boy of the Family.He was close to his father,Chris and his mother Jill exepct to her sister Cassy ..


Since Dirk was a social butterfly, he had many friends but he had close friends too..Like Finn Stryker , Jean Nivans and Claude Oda.


Dirk has a pet name Jabba..It was his pet pug which is resemble to Maya,Pet of Pewdiepie..


He didnt care about it!


Dirk was in relationship with Elza Tan..He confessed his love to her at the New Years Eve..


  • Dirk has a Puppaphobia which is Fear of Puppets..
  • He was inspired by Dave Strider one of the kids in Homestuck.
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