Dylan Francis West is the son of Dead Rising's Frank West

Physical Appearance

Dylan is a 6ft 4 inches tall young man with slick black hair fair skin pale blue eyes and a normal build. He is also seen wearing a black jacket with a white buttoned up shirt underneath, a camera hanging from his neck green khaki pants and brown loafers. Other times he is seen wearing a yellow t shirt with jeans and trainers.


Dylan is an extremely adventurous and determined individual who would go to great lengths to get a scoop even if it involves traveling across the globe to find one making him rather competitive, though this doesn’t make him egotistical or uncaring like some journalists who only cares for fame and fortune or even being in the limelight he’s better than that. For he’s very open minded and honest plus very generous which makes him a good reporter despite his competitive traits. Dylan is also not someone who stands for bullying, abuse, threats, judging others based on their appearance/parentage, or even lies and trickery for he has a tendency to call people out for that and becomes totally different person especially when he witnessed it first hand, making him pretty intimidating also a loose canon and a Risk taker plus a tad protective.



Dylan was born and raised in Hubbard Gulch Nevada where he would go about exploring or taking pictures of the area or volunteer work with the locals. His mother was a modern day explorer who would often allow him to come and take pictures of any locations or ruins plus remnants from the past found, his father while impressed with the photos taken he would also encourage him and help out with the toughest of things if needed. Dylan also has a younger sister named Sophie West.






Dylan is single though there have been a few girls that attempted to try and date him but they were just to shy to approach the journalist.


Dylan is president of the journalism Club.

Dylan may or may not have a personality disorder like Mike or his friend Richard.

Dylan seem to have inherited his father's dislike for clowns.


Quotation1 My father covered Wars you think I can't cover something as simple as a missing person case? Quotation2
Dylan during a unexpected trip to Shepard's Glen
Quotation1 I'm not that kind of reporter buddy go ask someone else if you want those who only care for fame and fortune or themselves Quotation2
Dylan talking with a source
Quotation1 Hey Richard how are you feeling, any problems with your personalities? Quotation2
Dylan and Richard's reunion continuation
Quotation1 There's a scoop here somewhere and I'm not going to stop until I find it even if it kills me Quotation2
Dylan during a trip to Los Santos
Quotation1 Bullies, psychopaths, and Clown one of my least favorite things in the world Quotation2
Dylan showing his dislike for Clowns, Bullies, and Psychopaths
Quotation1 Smile for the camera Quotation2
Dylan getting ready to take a picture of someone
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