Quotation1 I didn't like who I was..I hated it! I feel like a monster in this gift I recieved! Quotation2

 Elizabeth Clair Wagner was the Great Granddaughter of Lucius Wagner who is the son of the devil, she is possesing a power to summon fire or Pyromancy.



Edith was a melanchaholic and shy when she's in public, she mostly avoided crowded places like hallways and cafeteria which makes her an Outcast..She's also socially akward and a very shy person when making activities..


Edith was appears to be A skinny and Tall teenager. She had a black messy hairt with bangs covering her left eye, a red eyes which caused of the Demon's gift and a pale skin.


Creepypasta- Edith loves reading the famous interenet horror stories which is known as Creepypasta, she read it during night time before bed which she consider as her bed time story..

Horror Documentary- Edith was interested in any forms of Horror Documentary..But mostly she watched Paranormal Documentary..

Victorian Dolls- She collected Victorian Dolls for 8 years, she mostly buy on the Antique Shop..She said that it's better than a "Too Girlish Barbie Dolls'


Family Edit

Edith was from the 2nd Geneartion of the Wagner Family, her mother gave birth to her as the same Labor room which is the same place as Lucius Mother gave birth to him which caused of her Abillity to Summon Fire..Her mother was a senator while her father was Mayor of their town..


Since Edith was an Outcast, she avoided many crowded places and groups of people but she indeed befriending with her clubmates..




She had no Enemies...Since she avoided groups..


Edith has a crush on someone.. (Possibly Child of the Overwatch Character)


  • Edith was a simmilar to Oka Ruto due to their love of to their love of creepy things and believing supernatural beings..
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