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Edmund after not being caught by a peeper

Edmund Frank is the grandson of Kurt Frank, an explorer who let go his education to follow his dreams. He is one of the survivor of the asymmetrical horror game called Identity V.



Edmund was extremely adventurous and outgoing however his obsession affected his studies causing him to be thrown into detention because of slacking off classed for adventures.

He is also a bit of a trouble due to using his ability as an advantage to prank someone in his small form.




Before the joining the manor, Kurt fell in love with a nurse during his time in the White Sand Street to treat his schizophrenia, because of her caring nature he fell in love with her then after being released they had a child. It is unknown how Kurt disappeared during his days in the manor but it was implied that either he died or somewhat escape but somewhat lost.








Lenard was his adventure do.


Edmund hated people with tempers, Devdan and Hugo was example of he somewhat disliked due to their tempers of every small things.


He tried several times to woo someone and one of them is Hwa-Young which he tried to woo during a blind date but fails due to his awkwardness over dating despite Gaspard teaching him how to woo a girl.


  • Edmund was named after a mountaineer named Edmund Hillary who is one of the first climbers of Mt. Everest
  • He doesn't like cats at all because of them mistaken him as a mouse and he has allergy to them
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