Quotation1 You mess with the Deathslinger little Lady you get the Redeemer Quotation2
Edward intimating Evenlynn

Edward Quinn is the descendant of Caleb Quinn AKA the Deathslinger from Dead by Daylight he's a modern outlaw/cowboy and the 4th character from the game to attend Game High he also owns his ancestor's redeemer.

Physical Appearance

Edward is a impossibly tall gaunt young man with grey hair glowing white eyes fair skin with a wound on the side of it he also wears a dark grey duster a brown shirt underneath long pants with a darker tone leather boots and a cowboy hat.


Edward is seen as a brilliant inventive young man with a volatile temper he's also skilled intimating serious bold clever sarcastic cold tough quick thinking reckless violent knowledgeable task focused but despite his cold and violent exterior he is shown to be honest kindhearted caring and is seeking redemption for his ancestor's crimes and his own in the past.



Edward is a descendant of Caleb Quinn AKA the Deathslinger and the Foster son of a unknown foster family.






Edward is single.


Edward is the eleventh tallest of the creators characters with Matthew being the tenth.


Quotation1 I've done some things I'm not proud of in the past some even worst than what my ancestor did Quotation2
Edward confessing his sins
Quotation1 I'm not your average cowboy/Bounty Hunter partner Quotation2
Edward to Kane
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