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Eilian Caulfield is a 2016-introduced original character. They are the child of Max Caulfield, the main protagonist of DONTNOD's Life is Strange. They are a character that identifies as nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns to refer to themselves, and would like you to refer to them with those pronouns too, please!


Personality and Traits

Eilian is someone who doesn't tend to have a positive outlook on life. They tend to be pretty cynical and pessimistic about most things and makes it so people know. They are also somewhat misanthropic and tends to distance themselves from others. Due to this, Eilian has a somewhat low reputation and often experiences harassment from bullies. This doesn't bother them, though, because, along with being a cynic, they do not succumb to the negative thoughts of others.

While they may be a "prophet of doom", Eilian is a huge dork underneath. When you mention something that they are heavily invested in, they go on and on about it. Eilian tends to ramble about the things they are passionate about the most, and will often not realize it at all! They often get flustered once they become aware of their squabbles.

Interests and Hobbies

Eilian's interests and hobbies consist of:

  • The arts (particularly photography and surrealistic art)
  • Cute animals
  • Broadway musicals
  • Social justice
  • Life simulation games
  • Retro video games
  • Cartoons from the 90's
  • Illustrating their thoughts
  • Reading biographies and realistic fiction books
  • Visual culture

Physical Appearance

Eilian resembles their mom to some degree. They both share the acorn-brown hair (cut short "Eden"-style), light freckles, and electric blue eyes (their eyes are down-turned; visible eye bags could be seen under them). They have a pale, caucasian complexion with a slightly chubby build. Eilian isn't very tall and sports a height measuring 5 ft and 3 in (compared to her mother's height).



Eilian has a healthy and good relationship with Max, their mom. Along with their mom, they also have a good relationship with their grandparents. They also have an unknown father, but their relationship is good (according to Eilian). Nothing else is known about Eilian's family life, however.


Due to being an antisocial person, Eilian doesn't have many friends in real life. They do however keep in touch with users they make online on various social media. Along with that, they will often lament their problems to their roommate Vérène.

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