Quotation1.png You seem very restricted by your lifestyle,...Wanna try some cool stuff with the Legions? Quotation2.png
Ellie offering the new killer's brother to do new things.

Elizabeth Morrison is the younger sister of Frank Morrison, the leader of Legion in Dead By Daylight. She is one of the most rebellious teens known along with her legions.



Ellie described as the kinder version of Frank and she is also nihilistic due her brother's influences. She has the most energy of all killers and by far one of the known gremlins, along with her gang . She likes to give the killer's successor some nicknames (Exception of Seo-Jun and her fellows).such as "Cowboy Boomer" to Edward and Pukeladette to Ishtar.

She is also a cold blooded killer if she you either hurt one of her gang or trying to hurt her, she will never hesitate to kill you along with taking her victim's money.



Ellie is a moderately short and skinny young woman who had green eyes, a pale skin and brown hair that has a pink Ombre that tied into braids.


She wore a grey baggy hoodie, a pink checkered skirt, a light grey leggings underneath that matches her jacket a little bit, a red sneakers that also matches her red and black knee socks.

'For her accessories, she had the same style of mask as her brother but it has a bunny like mouth, a fingerless gloves and a bandages.

All-Kill Inspired Outfit



Ellie was born



She doesn't care about her real parents because of how she got disowned by them along with her older brother causing them to live in a different foster homes. Only her brother of Frank is the one she can only rely, she sees him as a role model and because of that she befriended the siblings of her brother's friend to form a group.


Like the original The Legions, she had her own group of friends who also like their original counterparts tend to kill people or breaking and entering. On the outside of the Legions, she is the only one friend of Seo-Jun, she even let him discover new stuff that he never tried due to him being a K-Pop Star especially teenage rebellion such as vandalizing on every properties and pickpocketing.


She had a lot of cats in their hide out which she rescued from the streets or even tw//animal abuse.


She is not fond of people who mock her lifestyle choices with her brother especially they are both close to each other


Due to how close they are, a simple friendship blossomed into romantic one, however because of narcissistic and his image (Since K-Pop stars tend to get restrained by the fandom),she will just shrug it off but she kept reminded by others about her relationship with him.


  • Ellie is used to be not open for being K-pop fan until he met her idol/bestfriend Seo-Jun which build up her courage to show her love with it.
  • She used to be gymnast member but got kicked out due to delinquency.
  • Her crimes she did was arson, robbery and murder but she knows how to get away from it due to her being stealthy.
  • Ellie is left-handed.


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