Quotation1.png That man gives me a flower in my lungs..And it slowly suffocates me if this last long.. Quotation2.png
Emilia showing her pain to Amber

Emilia Nair is the granddaughter of Vera Nair (Formerly known as Chloe) or known as the Perfumer, a kiting survivor from the asymmetrical survival game called Identity V .



Emilia was a proud and elegant young woman who is very poise whenever she is around with people, this way people will respect her as a person and to show how confident she is of a person however she is a bit exaggerated whenever she is scared or anxious.

On the other side of Emilia's, her personality is actually the mask of her insecurity. Emilia was an envious person and this envy was unhealthy, she is mainly jealous to Pythia of how naturally attractive she is.


Emilia was a skinny woman with fair skin, a wood brown hair that was cut into medium length, blue eyes and a fair skin.

Emilia wore an elegant black dress with purple ruffles on her poufy sleeves, a purple belt that matches her ruffles, a purple heels with flowers.

As for her accessories, she wore a dark violet bracelets, a purple hairpin and a choker


After "Vera"/Chloe become a successful on her business in perfume making, she fell in love with a wealthy entrepreneur and then they got married afterwards, they had 2 children.

Years passed by once their children had their own family, a two baby girl was born which is named as Lucinda and Emilia. Their parents kept their family perfumer business alive once Vera is retiring. She and Lucinda are in separable because of how close they are as a sisters however once they grew up they become distant to each other because of separating schools.



Her family seems fine however the only flaw there is how her family lack of time to each other because of their business, she only rely on their maids to take care of her and Lucinda.


Emilia was a friend of Felicia which she always spent time together by shopping and hair styling at the gardens, she also love how wise is Yvonne is however she is sad to know that she doesn't accept her plead to make love potion for her to get Gaspard's affection and she is also close with Amber as well, the one of the beautiful girl in Identity V.


She had a Persian cat named Royale.


Emilia has deep hatred over Evelynn, her former bestfriend. Because of how she is responsible for her breaking up with Augustus due to her jealousy of her so called "perfect life" She didn't like Vincent either for calling"'noble wannabe"


Emilia was in love with Augustus Victoriano and their relationship is pretty good, however when Pythia came, he began to be loveless around her and then later broke up with her. After getting over her break up she began to get her eyes on Magician's grandson, at first she had no hope of getting him due to her nightmare but now she and Gaspard are lovers.


  • Like Vera, she hated the smell of medical equipment because of how artificial it is and according to her, the scent of it suffocates her.
  • Emilia can't get easily fat but she is still conscious of what she eats.
  • Her favorite flowers are Dahlias, a flower that symbolizes Elegance and Dignity.
  • Some hunters annoyed by her because of her skills of forgetting her injury with her perfume.
  • Emilia is able to consume wine since in France 16 was the legal age of alcohol consumption.
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