Quotation1.png Even though we broke up Axel...I am so proud that there is some person who changed you..You're a different person now. Quotation2.png
Erid showing how proud she is to her ex-boyfriend,Axel.

Erid Bourbon is descendant of Demi Bourbon or also known as the Barmaid from Identity V, an asymmetrical horror survival game. She is a working student who works of an unnamed diner that is near to the school.



Erid was like her ancestor, a sunny girl, a girl who is happy and relaxed and does not usually get worried or angry. She is very hard working both work and school. There are times that she is stubborn if she needed to.




Demi had a son when she began to work on Sam's bar. But when she received a letter from her brother, she disappeared leaving her child under the orphanage. When his son began to be grow up, he began to continue the family business that his uncle and mom left behind.


Her parents are entrepreneur of an alcohol business, which is why her brothers had a thing with bar tending and because of that she got influenced by it, however her brothers had no interest of maintaining their family business causing her parents to force her to inherit their business which she doesn't like since she wanted to work as a barmaid of an expensive bar.


She is best friends with Patricia's granddaughter , Yvonne. She is also supportive to Pythia's decision especially her relationship with Kinich and she even fight Yvonne because of how judgy she is to her friend's lover. She is also a close friend to Felipe and Hector .


She had no pets due to her being a working student which restrains her for having a pet around the dorm.


Erid is not comfortable around Ayi due to her being related to Dream Witch because of how she used one of Demi's brother as Yidhra's minions.


It is revealed that Erid used to be with Axel but due to her unable to tolerate his rebelliousness he broke up with him after knowing he had a boyfriend she is happy to know. However she is fortunate to met Sagar and then they began to form a secret love.


  • Erid loves festivals and she always never misses one.
  • Her favorite flowers are Amaryllis, one of the known tropical flowers.
  • She doesn't like her work uniform because of how she felt childish in her sailor look
  • Riley considered her as a very fishy kind of a girl
  • Erid has anemia but she hid it since the matching won't allow person with health condit tions.
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