Quotation1.png Death supposed to be a peaceful one yet my lovely Grim Reaper making noise to that man. Quotation2.png
Esther talking to her self while looking at her "Grim Reaper"

Esther Carl is the descendant of Aesop Carl also known as the Embalmer from the asymmetrical survival horror game called Identity V. She is part of the Drama Club as a script writer and a make up artist.



Esther was a reserved and calm young woman who had an obsession with a concept of death as well as trying how it's like, just like her ancestor, she is also lone wolf.

Despite of Esther's loner nature, she is very loyal and sincere to her closest friends whenever they are in need of her. Esther is also a hopeless romantic in secret because of that she tends to stalk the ones she loves but once she fell in love too much, she will have an urge to stalk that one person.


Esther was skinny and pale young girl, she has a grey messy short hair with a bangs that cover left eye which hide her hetochromia, her eyes apparently are blue and hazel brown . She has an undereye caused by her constants night trips in the church's catacombs.





She was also distant to her family because of her family's favoritism, she thought her brother liked it causing her to distant him.


Despite of their relationship ended, she still best friends with Apollo.She also get along with Jayden because of them being enthusiastic about death which resulted to them to be a partner in crime and both of them often mistaken as couples.


She despised Evelynn on how she mistreated anyone and later she got name called as Wednesday Addams She is not fond of Hector as well because of his flirty nature.


Aurora is her pet tarantula.


She and Apollo used to be together however things didn't work out between them because of how focused she is on her family legacy of embalming works (Even Oblio is the successor) same with Jayden. Seo-Jun was currently caught her attention especially how flawless he looks but knowing he is also a killer, she wanted to help him to get his attention even there are times she wanted to tell her brother's work.


  • Esther was a possibly Persian name that means "star"
  • According to people, she sometimes smelled like perfume and corpses
  • Her bed was being customized to be resembled to a coffin.
  • Esther's favorite flowers are Higanbana or Red Spider lily, this flower symbolizes afterlife.
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