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Ester to Jinx

Esther Carl is the descendant of Aesop Carl also known as the Embalmer from the asymmetrical survival horror game called Identity V. She is part of the Drama Club as a script writer and a make up artist.



Esther was a reserved and calm young woman who had an obsession with a concept of death like her ancestor, she is also lone wolf in her group of friends because of how she live when she has no friends back then.

Despite of Esther's loner nature, she is very loyal and sincere to her closest friends whenever they are in need of her.


Esther was much like ancestor, she had a grey hair tied into a low side ponytail, a fair skin and a cobalt blue eyes.

Esther's outfit is similar to the once that someone wear in every burial, she wore a black dress with white lining on the hemline and a black shoes with a white sock that has white linings on top of it.

She also has a glasses and black choker.



Aesop once had a lover however she left him behind leaving him and his child on his arms because she had another man, Years later, the legacy of embalming still goes on as well as the job of making people die peacefully.


Despite of their relationship ended, she still best friends with Apollo.She also get along with Jayden because of them being enthusiastic about death which resulted to them to be a partner in crime and both of them often mistaken as couples.


She despised Evelynn on how she mistreated anyone and later she got name called as Wednesday Addams




She and Apollo used to be together however things didn't work out between them because of how focused she is on her family legacy of embalming works, so they ended between. She currently have some romantic feelings with Barret because of how they got something in common.


  • Esther was a possibly Persian name that means "star"
  • According to people, she sometimes smelled like dust and dead bodies.
  • Her bed was being customized to be resembled to a coffin.
  • Esther's favorite flowers are Higanbana or Red Spider lily, this flower symbolizes afterlife.
  • Even there is an electricity, she preferred to use candles as her lights.
  • She doesn't want to admit that she loved the coffin dance meme and she was embarrassed to admit that.
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