Quotation1.png As long as I existed in this school..They will bow to me and follow my rules. Quotation2.png
Evelynn's sermon

Evelynn is the youngest sister of the Gliteratti twins named Jaryn and Kerith from the Dance Central Series,She is one of the most hated person in Game High .





Evelynn has Blonde Side-cut, purple eyes and a fair skin, she also had a black markings on both cheeks simmilar to her siblings. She wore a Glitteratti themed outfit.





She was raised from ar rich family along with her siblings. her parents are always away leaving her with her siblings however they are both pressured her to follow their ways and disgusted whenever she do what is not pleasing in their eyes.


Apparently Evelyn has friends back then but like the bubblegum, she will just spit them out if they are no longer interest her causing her friends to be mentally tormented.


She had Persian Cat named Orelia.


It is revealed that she is used to be friends with Emilia however she is responsible for breaking her up with her former boyfriend Augustus by "introducing" her to Pythia as well as she is very jealous of her fortune as well her family's love.


She had relationship with Jasper which one of the band members but they broke up due to her neediness as well as restraining him for doing things.


  • Evelynn is Claustrophobic due to her trauma of being locked by her siblings inside a closet.
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