Physical Appearance

Ezra is a average height young man with a lean muscular build, black hair fair skin a goatee black eyes and is seen wearing a black vest with a white shirt underneath, grey pants and tennis shoes.


Ezra is a playful charming loyal affable outgoing caring dedicated helpful passionate protective loving and family-oriented young lad, but when it comes to girls he's initially shy and awkward around them. He's also quiet distant, gruff plus reluctant to share info about his assassin heritage with strangers but he is open to share that info with friends, family especially to his roommate including to those he knows.



Ezra is the second son to Ezio Auditore da Firenze and Sofia Sartor plus the older brother to Marcello and Flavia and he absolutely loves his family with all his heart, but to make sure his enemies won't use them against him or be executed before his own eyes he's forced to keep them well hidden and make sure no one would find any evidence relating to his heritage plus no one to giveaway their location.


As far as friends go Ezra seems to have a lot of them his roommate Gerald Thief and his witcher friend Jamal of Riveria being one of those people along with a bunch of others.


As stated earlier Ezra is awkward and initially shy when it comes to girls especially to those that be crushing on him back home so he's pretty much single.


Ezra is extremely fluent in the Italian and English languages.

Ezra is very acrobatic.

Ezra is talented/skilled cook that the teacher even allows him to takeover for her if needed or necessary.

Ezra sometimes wears his father's robes as a tribute to him.

It's revealed that Ezra has a part time job at a Café.

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